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Actocracy is a location-based app that connects people, helping them form and govern local communities to tackle real-world problems together while utilizing blockchain technology for secure and democratic decision-making.

Revolutionizing civic engagement and DAOs with geo-based social frameworks and meaningful gaming experiences. Actocracy combines innovative game mechanics, blockchain technology, and actocratic decision-making to create an inclusive, transparent, and impactful ecosystem.

Explore Actocracy's potential to transform the way communities collaborate, shape a more equitable future for all, and drive greater adoption of decentralized solutions.


Unlock the Power of Tokenomics and DAOs

Actocracy employs a unique tokenomics system, utilizing DACT (Digital Activity Convertible Token) and DIMP (Direct Impact Monetary Piece) to drive participation and incentivize users.

Harness the power of Quadruple Voting and zero-entry barrier mechanics to enable more precise, targeted ways of DAO funds and public goods distribution by communities themselves.

Convert your tokens into real income, representative power, and multiple benefits for yourself and your community. All assets earned within Actocracy are owned by individual users.

Collaborate, Fund, and Create Meaningful Change

At Actocracy, we believe in creating experiences that not only entertain but also enrich users' lives. Our platform fosters collaboration and empowers community-driven decision-making through geo-based social frameworks and actocratic voting systems, leading to higher user onboarding and retention rates.

Incorporating features like location-based events, quests, campaigns, loyalty campaigns, and crowdfunding campaigns with Quadruple Voting, we ensure that our users are continuously engaged and rewarded for their participation.

Together, we can make a tangible difference in our communities and work towards a brighter future.


Innovative Game Mechanics for Greater Impact

Actocracy provides a refreshing alternative to traditional gaming, focusing on experiences that contribute to personal growth, environmental awareness, and positive social change.

Discover the potential of checkin2earn and act2impact, along with cutting-edge concepts like Quadruple Voting, which empowers users to have a direct impact on the accumulation and distribution of resources without needing prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology.

These game mechanics not only encourage civic engagement but also ensure that the interests of minority groups and local communities are protected.


Secure, Transparent, and Accountable

Our commitment to security, privacy, and transparency is unwavering.

Actocracy's blockchain-based platform guarantees the safety of users' data and transactions, fostering trust and accountability within the community. Our unique approach to Sybil-resistance relies on advanced reputation mechanisms tied to users' location-related activities, ensuring a secure and democratic decision-making process without compromising privacy.

Join us as we reimagine civic engagement and decentralized governance through the power of Actocracy.